Long Overdue Update


I’ve put off this update for so long that it’s awkward and embarrassing. The longer I put it off, the more uncomfortable and monumental the task felt. At first, it was because I was crushed and disappointed, it felt like a failure, a lack of fortitude and determination.

In reality, however, it was necessary.

Back in December, just shy of the New Mexico border on I-10, I had a seizure. Fortunately, I had zipped up the canine caboose when I turned onto the interstate. Another stroke of luck: I felt funny and stopped. While straddling the bike, I fell back and smacked my head hard enough to crack my helmet. The result was a mild concussion and two sprained wrists.

It is unnerving that despite the steady stream of traffic on the road, no one stopped to help.

(Safety plug: always wear your helmet! My neurologist has a patient who lost his balance while waiting at a stop light, hit his head on the curb, and is in a coma.)

Luckily I had friends who lived a couple of hours away and came to the rescue. Lucky unlucky that it happened where and when it did.

It rattles me to think what could have happened. What if I had been on a narrow shoulder-less road if the caboose door hadn’t been zipped, if it had happened on a blind curve? Lucky unlucky. Before I start out again, I need to be confident that my seizures are being managed.

What makes it especially frustrating — the most challenging part of the trip was over. I was leaving behind the California passes, the Arizona 100 degree heatwave and was feeling fit and comfortable with my steady tortoise-like pace. I had hit my stride, the dogs and I had our routine down, and we were enjoying life on the road.

I try to remember that I managed to cover 863 miles with an elevation gain of 21,086 ft, carrying and towing 150 lbs+ of dog and cargo.

Here’s to next autumn, 863 miles down and 1,850 to go.

P.S.  In January 2015 I bought a Lance 2295 travel trailer with the intention of traveling the country and audition potential towns to set my roots.  The photo was taken when I was a volunteer caretaker at the Nature Conservancy’s Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve.  More on my travels circumnavigating the US and Canada to come.  One and a half years later I landed back in Patagonia, Arizona.  There’s something about Patagonia that keeps calling me back.

6 Replies to “Long Overdue Update”

  1. Hope you are doing well. Where are you heading now that summer is here? We just got back from a tracking class in Oregon. Terry did great in the class and the dogs and I had fun camping, hiking and Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado were all very beautiful. I love Forest Service Campgrounds. No hookups but water available.
    Hug your pups for me. Chat soon. Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy! I’m doing much better thanks. It looks like I’ll be staying in Arizona through July if I can adjust to the 100+ degree temps.
      I love camping in USFS campgrounds too. Sounds like an amazing trip! So glad you had the opportunity to go out and see some beautiful country. Hugs for your pups as well, Bodhi and Dory send their regards. 🙂

  2. Cat…One door might temporarily shut but others burst open. Your life, my friend is still an adventure, and a grand one at that. Keep those doors open, my friend.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Janet. I’m itching to get back on the bike and hitch-up the canine wagon. Learning to stay and allowing things to unfold is a new skill for me. It’ll be that much sweeter when I can hit the road again. xo

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