First Week

August 13-19th

The first week in maps and photos.  The few times I’ve had access to wifi I was too tired to write or post.  It’s unrealistic to try and catch up.  I’ll leave that for when the trip is over and I can post more details and essays from the journal I’m keeping.

Day 1, August 13: 

Day One 13 August 2016 copy

Capitano RV Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada to

Living Forest Campground, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC.

Miles:  16 miles

Elevation: 1,500′  

Weather:  90’s

Highlight:  Ferry ride from Vancouver to Nanaimo.

Campground:  On the bay, lovely setting.  Cafe that served breakfast, espresso drinks, and other light fare, outdoor seating on the deck overlooking the bay.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.08.00 PM
Sea dogs
Waking up from their naps as we approach, the sounds of the engines slowing down woke them.
View from the little outdoor cafe’s deck.

Day 2, August 14:

DAY 2 PCBR 14 August copy

Nanaimo, BC to Osborne Bay RV Resort, BC

Miles: 27

Elevation gain: 2,000  

Weather 90’s

Highlight:  Riding a small section of the Trans-Canada Trail.

Campground:  Resort is a stretch.  Be sure to ask for a site on the bay, below.  Walkway along the bay, beach across the stream over a boardwalk bridge.  Avert your eyes from looking left at the factory.  Water is super warm and it was a huge plus to swim after a long hot 90’s ride.

Pit stop for caffeine and dog stretch.
The Trans-Canada Trail. Easy bit for cyclists and trailers. Soon the trail became narrow, hilly, and a bit sketchy for towing a trailer. I needed to dismount and ski/slide down to keep the bike and trailer from fish tailing. Glad for the taste of the trail though.
Where the Trans-Canada Trail became a bit trailer-challenging.


Osborne Bay, I think…
Osborne Bay RV Resort. Low tide. View from the boardwalk that lead to the beach.
Camp site view of the sunset.


Day 3, August 15:

DAY 3 PCBR 15 August copy

Osborn Bay to Goldstream Provincial Park, Crofton, BC.

Miles: 39

Elevation:  3,600  

Weather:  90’s

Highlight:  Changing  my first flat on the bike, the rear wheel.  Lucky unlucky, flat happened in front of the Dwight School on Shawinigan Lake.  Hotter than Hades so it was a welcome break.

Campground:  Lovely, lush green.  Well spaced sites.  Huge gorgeous old Maples with enormous leaves.  Trail to a crystal clear swimming hole framed by ferns.  Stayed two nights.

The offending nail
Bodhi hanging while I wrestled with changing the tire. Her favorite perch is at the end of picnic tables. She’s guarding my solar charger.
Temps reached the high 90’s. Asked the families at this little beach if they’d mind if I took the girls for a quick cooling-off dip off to the side.
Swimming hole at Goldstream Provincial Park.


Day 4:  August 16:

Off Day

Bike repairs:  back tire issue and gears tweaked.  Joined MEC, the Canadian cousin to REI.  Bought tubes, CO2 canisters, and whatnot.

Highlight:  Dim Sum in China Town, Victoria.

First sign of autumn. These giant maple leaves were lovely and impressive as they slowly floated down from the giant 100 year old plus maple trees.
Fabulous treat to have dim sum.


Day 5, 17 August:

Day 5 PCBR Part 1 copyDay 5 PCBR Overview 15 August copy Day 5 PCBR Part 3 copy

Goldstream Provincial Park to Victoria ferry terminal.

Ferry to Port Angeles, Washington, USA.

Miles:  21  Elevation:  2,000 

Weather:  80’s

Highlight:  Ferry and hanging out and riding around Victoria.

Campground:  Elwha Damn RV Park.  Tent sites are nice, some quite private.  Owner gave me quarters for the shower.

Dory having a good roll and stretch.
Hanging with Janet as we wait our turn to board the ferry.
Impressive how many bicycles were on the ferry.
The Sisters in-between admirers. They received quite a bit of attention for the dog-lovers onboard.
The Sisters took turns being out and about, hobnobbing with fellow travelers.
Lovely little covered bridge on the bike path leading out from Port Angeles.


Day 6, August 18: 

Day 6 PCBR Take II copy
Oops. Made a wrong turn out of the campground. It took me four miles and some steep hills before I caught my navigational error. Janet came to the rescue and redeposited at the junction.

DAY 6 PCBR Take I copy

Elwha RV Park to Klahowya USFS Campground

Miles:  33

Elevation:  7,000

Weather:  High 90’s

Highlight:  Swimming in Crescent Lake.  Intense sapphire blue and turquoise water.

Campground:  Lush with giant mossy bearded trees and lots of ferns, along a shallow river.

IMG_6202 IMG_6204 IMG_6401 IMG_6215 IMG_6216



Day 7,  August 19:

Rest day

Weather:  high 90’s

Highlight:  Swimming at Crescent Lake

12 Replies to “First Week”

  1. So what’s the deal with the button and the lights? You push it and then for the next 11 miles until you push one again at the end, motorists see a flashing light along the way that alerts them to the fact there’s a bicycle on the road?

    1. In a perfect world yes. You push the button, one sign flashes to warn motorists and truckers. They give you a set amount of time and the single flashing light automatically turns off. It’s a very hilly & windy road and it took me 2.5 x longer tan allotted. They assumed cyclist were traveling at 12 mph. It’s a good a attempt at making it safer. 99.9% of vehicles really make an effort to pass safely. I had one logging truck crowd me unnecessarily. I felt safe– as you know I wear neon, have flags, several flashers, and a reflective slow moving vehicle symbol on the caboose.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I feel like I am on tour with you. I have been homebound for so long this is very special to me. Can’t wait for your next entry.

    1. Thank you Mayling, I appreciate your support and joining in on the journey. I hope you are well, sorry to hear you’ve been homebound. Take care–

  3. I so enjoyed talking with you in Nehalem at Wanda’s while waiting for breakfast! When we returned to Wheeler and I read your blog, I ran down to the highway to see if I could cheer you on as you went by. But, alas, I didn’t ever get the chance – you must have already passed that point. My heart and best thoughts go with you and the girls!! Have an amazing trip – and thanks for sharing it all!

    1. Ruthie– Wow, thank you! I really enjoyed chatting with you. I can’t believe you went down to the road, thank you. Chances are I was still a ways a way and hadn’t passed yet. I’m pretty darn slow. Take care–

    1. Nice to meet you and Ursula as well. I had to spend two days at South Beach to catch the bike shop today. I hope our paths cross again soon, now that I have a new cartridge maybe I’ll speedy enough to catch up. 🙂

  4. We are now down at Eureka. IN THE former koa camp. Best to avoid it.
    Try the optimus climber for minimum weight and can stii be bought. Also known as the optimus svea. It has a built in her cleaning needle. My preference is the optimus Hunter which is square and more pot stable. Get a genuine optimus and avoid the copies on eBay. Rgds Neil

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