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Jacumba, California


Dory & Bodhi at Waterton Lakes, Canada


I’ve always been a bit unconventional, swimming against the current; I suppose that’s led me to do this adventure, and to share it with my canine companions.  I’ve been a park ranger in Yellowstone, Peace Corps volunteer, portfolio administrator, Appalachian Trail Club Trails Director and most recently a private traveling yoga teacher. I’ve motorcycle toured around India with my Jack Russell Kip, and sometime after that trip, and before I became a private yoga teacher, I had a brain tumor.

Fourteen years ago a friend found me in the driveway having a seizure, not breathing, with the motorcycle I was kickstarting on top of me. I was blue from the lack of oxygen. Fortunately, I was less than five minutes from a hospital. Recovery has been a long journey and will be a lifetime project.

Sprinkle in epilepsy, migraines, Lyme disease, a torn calf muscle, knee injury with surgery, and I literally found myself limping into my fifth decade. I consider every birthday since the brain tumor a bonus year and try not to take them for granted. While I’m still able to spin the pedals of a bicycle, I thought I better pounce on the opportunity to tour.

This is another chance to reinvent myself; playing again with the idea of what to be when I grow up. It’s an opportunity to be present, live simply, be physical, immersed in the natural world, and test my limitations. It’s also a journey to reclaim my body and to feel strong and fit again, something I missed and used to take for granted.

Traveling with me are my canine companions; Bodhi a eight-year-old Jack Russell Terrier and four-year-old Dory, a shepherd mix I rescued when I lived in Uruguay. Bodhi is my alarm system, and Dory is my bodyguard. Both make great little tent heaters.  They’re great ice-breakers, often people who normally aren’t comfortable talking to strangers, will strike up a conversation about the dogs.