The Route: Pacific Coast 2016

I opted to go from Vancouver, BC to W. Vancouver, take the ferry to Nanaimo, travel south on Vancouver Island, catching the ferry in Victoria to Port Angeles, WA.  From there I opted to do the Olympic Peninsula and do a few side trips into Olympic National Park.  It seemed a pity to miss the chance to see more of Canada and explore the Olympic National Park.

Below is the variation of the route I did from Vancouver to Victoria, BC.

DAY 1 PCBR Part 3 copy

DAY 3 PCBR 15 August copy

Day 5 PCBR Part 1 copy

Possible alternate route around the Olympic Peninsula, to be determined.                       Map credit: “Bicycling the Pacific Coast: A Complete Route Guide, Canada to Mexico” 4th edition 2005, by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall.
Pacific_Coast_2 different
Section 2: Pacific Coast Bicycling Route by Adventure Cycling Association Map